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Argentinean ‘city boy’ ditches marketing career for Irish farm life

FRS Farm Relief are the leading employer of farmworkers onto farms across Ireland. They are seeking additional workers to join their growing teams.

Being an FRS operator is a uniquely flexible role, which suits many people seeking outdoor work.

These include:

  • Young people looking for experience;
  • Those with spare capacity outside of their own farm;
  • Women who want to avail of work while their children are at school;
  • Those looking to change their career like FRS operator, Damian, whose story you can find below.

FRS operator 

Born in Argentina, Damian knew from a young age he wanted an adventure. With his parents being Italian, his EU dual citizenship meant that he called many European countries home before coming to Ireland.

“I always wanted to travel and do something different. I was a city boy, and my teachers would ask about college. However, I knew I wanted to experience different cultures and lifestyles.”

With a great work ethic but little knowledge of farming, Damian set off to New Zealand to work on a dairy farm for a year.

At 18 years of age, he was milking 200+ cows and helping throughout the busy calving season.

“It was tough as it was something completely new. The days were long, but I learnt a lot of new skills. Overall, it was gratifying to say I did it.”

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Damian then went on to study and pursue a career in marketing, where he worked in numerous high-level roles across Europe.

When the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic hit, he was working and living in Spain but unhappy with his lifestyle.

In searching for jobs, Damian came across an opportunity to work and live in Ireland with FRS Farm Relief. It suited due to his EU citizenship; it was an English-speaking country and was also on his bucket list to visit.

“Something clicked in me as I realised I needed a change. I looked at and applied for a wide range of jobs across many different industries.”

“Also, I googled farm jobs and found the FRS website. It looked professional, so I contacted them with my CV.”

“I had farming experience already, so it was an easy process. I was offered three jobs in one day, 2 for tech companies and 1 to work with FRS.”

“But I was ready for a change and the idea of the unknown. A new adventure in a different country sounded great, so I chose FRS.”

A freelance farmer

After speaking with Liam from FRS, Damian came to work on a dairy farm in January 2021. The farm milks an average of 230 cows, and once spring was over, Damian had the choice to do relief milking on a nearby enterprise.

“I feel like a freelance farmer. I value my freedom but also feel like part of the family. Furthermore, I have a good relationship with the farmers, making it easier. I do all types of farm work, but I like milking. There is a flow with what you are doing.”

Life working on a farm has benefited Damian. Not only does he feel more connected to nature, but he also enjoys what he is doing, and life during the pandemic feels less stressful.

“I was intrigued about what the change in my lifestyle would do to my life. Now, I am moving all the time. I’m outside; it’s very peaceful. It is a physical job and can be tough, but I like the resilience you develop with it. I have gained a lot.”

Flexibility and mountaineering course

The flexibility of working with FRS Farm Relief has allowed Damian to visit different parts of Ireland and even undertake a mountaineering course.

“I appreciate the outdoors a lot more. I live near the hills and enjoy going on walks and exploring, so I did a mountaineering course.”

“Working with FRS has been a good experience for me. I am in charge of my schedule, and the work is diverse. But FRS will also work with you if you find something you like to do.”

Become an FRS operator

Damian is just one of the many full-time FRS operators across the country.

If you are interested in becoming an FRS operator, visit FRS’ website. Fill out an application form online, or alternatively, you can call 0818 890 890.

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