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What not to feed your dog this Christmas

Lisa Melvin, head of marketing at Webbox, tells readers more about foods that dogs should avoid this Christmas. 

Christmas is a truly special time of the year to spend with friends, family, and loved ones — and like many pet owners out there, we consider our dogs to be all three.

So, what better way to include them in the festivities than making them their very own Christmas treats?

Not only is giving your pooch their own seasonal snacks a fun way to show them you care, but it can also be much safer, as it helps to deter them from going after foods they can’t eat.

Things to avoid

Firstly, the most important thing to consider is what your dog can and cannot eat.

Every owner’s priority is to keep their pooch happy and healthy, so whenever you want to feed them something a little different, always refresh your memory and check whether it’s safe.

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Below are some Christmas staples your dog definitely should not have:

  1. Chocolate – Even in small amounts, it is well known that this is toxic to dogs, so make sure that they do not get their paws on any leftover desserts or boxes of chocolate.
  2. Dried fruit and macadamia nuts – Classic dishes like Christmas pudding contain ingredients like raisins, sultanas, currants, or macadamia nuts, and these can be harmful to your dog’s kidneys and digestive system if ingested. Always keep any bowls of trail mix out of your dog’s reach.
  3. Onions and garlic – It is important to check the ingredients of anything you feed your dog over the holidays, as these are hidden in lots of Christmas dishes (such as stuffing) and can be toxic to dogs.
  4. Bread and Yorkshire puddings – Your pup might want to join in on the fun when you make leftover sandwiches on Boxing Day, but dogs cannot process carbohydrates as well as us. A high-carb diet can therefore upset their digestive system and make them hyperactive. It is not toxic, however, so if your dog is not overweight and does not suffer from any allergies, you can give them a small piece of Yorkshire pudding as a Christmas Day treat.
  5. Dairy – Some dogs also cannot process lactose as well as humans, so it is best to avoid giving them a taste of your ice cream or custard too.
About the brand

Since 1984, Webbox has been making pet food that is designed to taste good and do good too.

Specialising in pet food, treats, and toys, Webbox has made your pets’ health their number one priority, and all their food is specially formulated to give your furry friends all essential vitamins and minerals.

Better yet, their collection of food and treats are so tasty, your pets will keep coming back for more.

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