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Food production and processing need to be ‘radically overhauled’

The Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFoI) has said it “remains steadfast” in its condemnation of the recent series of revelations surrounding the importation of beef into Ireland.

The group made the statement, after months of “trojan” research work.

“It is fair to say that the present system of food production and food processing need to be radically overhauled across the island of Ireland.” explained a spokesperson in a statement to That’s Farming.

“Whilst the EU aid package of €80 million is a welcome development, we feel farmers are unlikely to see any immediate positive impact on prices.”

This temporary measure although necessary should and must be in tandem with a direct support payment to actual farmers, the spokesperson added. “This would help alleviate the financial strain farmers find themselves in at present.”

BEAM scheme and storage of produce

“We call on Minister Creed to significantly add to the unclaimed monies from the BEAM scheme and distribute unconditional support payments to all farmers across all sectors.”

The group is also calling on the Minister to ensure that any storage of produce be done in a transparent manner, such as, location, owner storage facilities, the origin and quantities of produce stored and cost of storage.

“We also would expect the Minister to ensure that this stockpile of products cannot in the future be used to suppress prices.”

“This can be achieved by securing flexibility in storage period lengths set out by EU Commission; this will prevent these products entering the market at any one particular time.” the spokesperson concluded.

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