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Find a part or tractors for sale with the click of a button

Find A Part Fast

Are you looking to find a part for your machinery or tractor? Well, the creator of a new classified website claims it will “drive tractor owners nuts”.

The recently established company, New & Used Tractor Parts, which is based in Co. Westmeath is operating nationwide and in the UK under the brand ‘NUT Parts’.

The site provides a platform for businesses and individuals to advertise and search for tractors and tractor parts with ease and for free.

The company’s objective is to have one place where people can come, find and compare the specific tractor or part they wish to buy and choose the best option suited to them.

At the same time, they want to help extend the reach of people’s customer base by reaching into areas which up until now have been unexplored. This, the firm outlined in a statement, is summed up by its company’s tagline, ‘Helping the Right Parts find the Right People’.

The new website allows its users to find tractors and parts by tractor brand, series and model, followed by searching through the part categories and sub-categories.

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The user is also able to choose the condition, be it new or used, and by entering valid OEM reference numbers. Once the user finds a tractor or part they wish to purchase, they have direct access to the contact details of the sellers.

Find A Part Idea

NUT Parts is the brainchild of Luke Gardiner, a Galway native, who identified an issue which kept coming up in conversation while he was visiting businesses around Europe as a tractor parts salesman.

After a few months of pondering, he then pitched the idea to his former colleague, Colin McDonald, who was also a tractor parts salesman.

Both ‘nutters’ come from an agricultural background and started out working in separate tractor dealerships. “At the moment, our competitors’ classified platforms are no doubt very good and attract a large amount of visitors”

“But in saying that, they do not take into account every aspect of an agricultural person’s mind-set when it comes to buying or selling tractors and parts online.”

“We hope to grow trust and commerce between farmers and suppliers within the agricultural community,” Gardiner concluded.

Visit site

To visit the site, click here.

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