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FF commits to €200 suckler cow payment

Fianna Fáil is committed to ensuring a €200/head payment on the first 20 cows for beef farmers, according to its spokesperson on agriculture, food, and the marine, Charlie McConalogue. 

He said Irish beef is regarded worldwide as a premium product, tet, Irish farmers are not receiving a fair price per cow.

“Beef farmers have not been receiving a fair price for their product.” 

“Fianna Fáil is committed to ensuring a suckler cow payment of €200 per head on the first 20 cows for farmers if elected to government.”


He said that Irish beef farmers have had to endure some of the worst months in the industry. “Beef prices have dropped to the floor, lairage capacity issues, the Mercosur trade deal, and the looming uncertainty over Brexit have made for an anxious 13 months.”

He said the outgoing Minister for Agriculture has remained “hands-off” in his approach to the sector.

“If we had seen more proactive leadership from the Minister, we may not have seen the factory gate protests last summer.”

The political party said it will work to ensure processors and supermarkets pay “proper” prices for quality Irish beef as part of the broader efforts to increase price transparency and strengthening profitable farming.

“Beef farmers can be assured if elected to government Fianna Fáil will do everything to ensure farmers receive a fair price for their suckler cows,” the deputy concluded.

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