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Farmers not using safety equipment have 49% higher risk of accident

While all attention is currently on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is still as important as ever to be safe around the farm.

Teagasc has issued a statement, saying a farm injury is unwelcome at any time, but currently, an injury would be particularly unwelcome as it could jeopardise running of a farm, require attendance at a medical facility and place more pressure on our limited health care resources.

An ESRI study found that farmers who do not use safety equipment have a 49% higher risk of having a farm accident.

The study also shows that farmers who do not check agricultural machinery before use have a 59% increased risk of injury and those who do not use animal restraints have a 58% increased risk of injury.

Farm workshop safety booklet

Teagasc farm machinery and milking machine specialist, Francis Quigley co-author of the Farm Workshop Safety Booklet stated: “A considerable amount of information and knowledge is needed to undertake machinery maintenance and repair. This booklet outlines concisely the key information required.”

“A check-sheet provided within the booklet will assist farmers and contractors to manage a farm workshop from a safety perspective.”

Mr Pat Griffin, senior inspector, Health and Safety Authority (HSA), has strongly urged farmers to read the booklet and to adopt a method of working that methodically considers safety requirements before commencing any task.

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The booklet adds to a comprehensive range of farm health and safety publications available on both H.S.A. and Teagasc web sites, he stated.

The booklet is available to read here.

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