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Farmer’s Diary: Some cutting silage, while we’re letting cows in

Christy McCarthy and family milk 55 cows (35 pedigree Holsteins and 25 pedigree Jerseys) on 60-acres in Balineen, Co. Cork.


Hello everyone from a very wet, windy and cold West Cork. 

While scrolling through social media over the last few days, I look on in amazement as people are cutting silage. Meanwhile, we are leaving the shed door open at night so the cows could come in from the rain if it gets too bad.

We were scanning cows this morning and, overall, we are happy with the results. The vet checked anything that was not in calf to see if there was a problem. There are four animals, between the cows and heifers, that will be culled out and will be taken out of the herd. They will go to the mart once it reopens.


We had a surprise calving overnight, but the heifer and her calf are doing well, so we are happy with that. Adding another cow to the milking herd is always of value to us, regardless of the time of the year.

The calf will be put with the late calves. I don’t think the three weeks of difference in age will be a problem once the calf is thriving. If not, I will pull it out and feed it on its own.

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Next week

Until next week people, stay safe, stay apart.

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