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Covid-19: Farmers advised not to panic-purchase animal feed

Members of the Irish Grain and Feed Association (IGFA) are reassuring customers that the feed industry remains “fully operational”, despite the challenges of dealing with Covid 19.

In a statement to this publication, Deirdre Webb, director of IGFA, said: “The situation with Covid-19 is changing day-by-day. It is more important than ever that we provide a reliable and professional service to the farming industry and our businesses continue to be fully functional.”

“The feed industry is of critical strategic importance in terms of the production of food. It is essential that our sector continues to operate without interruption – our customers and their animals depend on it,” she added.

Don’t panic-purchase

She outlined that the association’s members are putting appropriate measures in place and adhering to the professional advice from the public health authorities.

“We are continuing to do everything to meet our customers’ demands, whilst respecting recommendations on social distancing, limiting risk to our customers, employees and the general public.”

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“We urge our farmers not to panic-purchase as this will put pressure on the systems.”

“Rest assured, all members of IGFA will be working closely together to ensure our livestock feeding needs are met throughout this extraordinary, unprecedented time,” she explained.

As members of the newly formed European Covid-19 task force for our industry, she said that the association is speaking regularly with EU colleagues to try to understand what is happening in other members states and learn from one another’s experiences.

Plan and prepare

IGFA has circulated sector specific guidelines to its members, that can be used to help protect the feed industry while ensuring a continuous supply of safe and nutritious feed to customers.

“We will continue to plan and prepare for any challenges that might arise,” Webb concluded.

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