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Farm group proposes establishment of Irish Suckler Society

In the last few days, our suckler group publicised our idea in ICSA to launch the Irish Suckler Society to promote our unique suckled grass-fed cattle, writes Gerard O’Brien, ICSA suckler chair.

This new society will promote special sales of only quality suckler progeny. The sales would only include suckler progeny which are bred by the owner or bought at foot with its dam. 

These include special E and U sales for export and premier breeding sales of in-calve and maiden heifers.

A database of sellers and buyers in conjunction with local marts will be compiled. Rules for the society are now been drawn up.

All beef breeds are eligible to partake as long as the dam is not a dairy breed. These sales will be promoted widely.

The Irish Suckler Society will promote grass-fed beef and establish our own brand and apply for PGI status and take ownership of that status.

By owning our own brand, we decide what markets are worthy of our grass-fed standard.

Every suckler farmer can join this society. Every suckler farmer has a choice, embrace this chance to control our destiny for the future of our industry.


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