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Catherina Cunnane
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Farm accident survivor (84) raises money for life-saving charity

Read about farm accident survivor, George Houghton. 

On February 11th, 2021, George Houghton, 84, was carrying bales when his tractor rolled forward and pinned him against a gate post. As it veered towards him, it also ran over his right leg.

He laid trapped for almost an hour and could not breathe as the front wheel was wedged behind his shoulder. Luckily, the farmer had his phone on him and was able to call 999 and alert the emergency services.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance initially dispatched their Topcliffe aircraft with two of their HEMS Critical Care Paramedics.

However, once the extent of George’s injuries were revealed, they dispatched a second aircraft with a Critical Care Doctor on board to administer powerful analgesia.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew assessed George, and flew him to Preston Royal Hospital for further treatment. He was rushed immediately for surgery on his right leg.

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He has since returned home for recuperation; however, he is still under the team’s care at Preston Royal Hospital and is due to have further plastic surgery on his leg later this year.

Farm accident survivor raises £10,000 for a life-saving charity

The farmer, rescued by Yorkshire Air Ambulance, has donated £10,000 to the life-saving charity.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) serves 5 million people across 4 million acres of Yorkshire and carries out over 1,300 missions every year.

The charity operates two state-of-the-art Airbus H-145 helicopters and needs to raise £12,000 daily to keep saving lives.

The money donated to Yorkshire Air Ambulance is on behalf of his late wife, Betty and his children, Paul, Richard, and Maxine.

George said:” I hope this donation will help to save other lives. I wouldn’t like them to have the pain that I have been through. No one knows if they will be the next victim.”

Linda Stead, North Yorkshire Regional Fundraiser, said:

“We would like to thank George for his very generous donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.”

“The £10,000 donated will help many other major trauma victims like George receive the best rapid response care that we provide.”

“It costs £12,000 a day to keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances maintained and, in the air. Support such as George’s is the life-blood of our charity,” Stead concluded.

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