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Extra dam data on bovine passports and mart boards

Extra dam data will now be included on bovine passports and this will be made available on mart display boards, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has confirmed to ICOS.

Ray Doyle, Livestock & Environmental Services Executive of ICOS said, “This is very welcome measure following from representations that we made to the Department last November.”

Buying calves 

He stated that the provision of additional dam data will greatly aid farmers buying calves and will promote adoption of the dairy-beef index, which in turn, will “support improvement in the overall beef traits” of the national dairy herd.

“The breeding index helps to identify the likely impact a sire or dam will have on the profitability of the next generation of animals and contributes to the achievement of additional economic benefits for farmers.”

“The greater the availability of information, including the extra data on dams, then the better it is for farmers as they decide on their current and future stocking arrangements.”

Animal identification and tracking system

The statement from ICOS outlined that the aim of the Bovine Animal Identification System is to guarantee the safety of beef and beef products by the operation of an effective animal identification and tracking system.

The system has four elements: tagging, bovine passport, on-farm bovine herd registers and a computerised database.

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