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Checklist: Essential items for calving 2020

Seán Doorley, drystock advisor with Teagasc, and Seán McMahon, Walsh Fellow Student Longford have compiled a pre-calving checklist, containing essential items for calving 2020.

“Safety is paramount at calving time – a cow after calving is one of the most dangerous animals on the farm,” warned Doorley. 


  • Calving jack – ensure it is in good working order;
  • Two sets of calving jack ropes; 
  • Disinfectant;
  • Straw;
  • Two stomach tube feeders – ensure they are working properly;
  • Arm-length disposable gloves and lubricant gel; 
  • Iodine – navel treatment; 
  • Calcium for milk fever;
  • Good-quality colostrum
  • Bottle and teat;
  • Calf feeder;
  • Thermometer;
  • Calving cameras;
  • Infrared lamps;
  • Calving sensors;
  • Calving gate.


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