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Farmer fined for transporting cow to factory with swollen leg

A judge has fined a farmer for transporting an emaciated cow.

Brian Cullen (52) of Annvale Road, Keady, Armagh appeared before Newry Magistrates Court on Monday, February 7th, 2022.

He was convicted of:

  • One charge of transporting or causing the transport of an animal not fit for the journey;
  • One charge of causing unnecessary suffering.

The judge ordered the farmer to pay £500 plus a £15 offender levy.

The case came to light when a cow, belonging to Mr Cullen, was transported to an abattoir in Northern Ireland for slaughter.

The Official Veterinarian (OV) on duty at the abattoir stated that, in their professional opinion, the animal was emaciated with a very swollen lower right leg.

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The court heard that the severe nature of the swelling, and the poor body condition of the animal showed that this condition had been long-standing.

Therefore, the cow was “unfit for transport and caused unnecessary suffering”.

The Welfare of Animals (Transport) Regulations (NI) 2006 requires that animals must be fit to travel.

Furthermore, they must be cared for if they fall ill or are injured during transport.

The animals must be accompanied by competent persons and must be transported to their destinations without undue delay.

In a statement, DAERA said that all those who have animals in their care, either on farm, in transit or at slaughter, have a duty of care to look after that animals’ welfare.

The spokesperson said: “The department gives high priority to the welfare of animals.”

“It operates a vigorous enforcement policy to ensure full compliance of regulatory requirements.”

“Any breaches are investigated thoroughly, and offenders [are] prosecuted as necessary,” the spokesperson added.

Farmer fined for transporting cow to factory that was unfit for the journey

Last August, we reported that a judge has handed a fine to the tune of £1,500 to a NI farmer for an animal welfare-related offence.

Mr Bertie Herbison (73), Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, was convicted at Omagh Magistrates’ Court on Monday, August 23rd, 2021.

He was fined for transporting an animal that was “not fit for the journey”.

The case arose when he transported a cow to an abattoir in Northern Ireland.

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