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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Jackson’s Spotties clinch two highest calls of 7,000gns & 3,500gns in Carlisle

It was a worthwhile trip across the waters to Harrison & Hetherington in Carslie from Saintfield, Co Down for Tommy Jackson and his Milltown Dutch Spotted flock on Friday, May 26th, 2023.

Jackson – who established his flock in 2020 – clinched the two highest calls with his ram lamb, Milltown Grizzly Grant ET, headling the trade at H&H’s May Fair Pedigree Sheep Sale when he sold for 7,000gns.

Snapped up by A & RA Middleton, Leck Fell House, Cowan Bridge, Grizzly Grant, born on January 26th, 2023, is an ET lamb by the renowned Carlaustan Extrovert and out of Glencoy Cherry.

Cherry herself has previously generated waves in the sales ring when she was purchased, along with her February-born ewe lamb, Diamond Felicity, for 9,000gns at the Springtime Sparklers Sale at Beatties’ Pedigree Centre in Omagh on Friday, April 29th, 2022.

She is a 2019-born ewe by the renowned Challock Bareskin and has previously reared twin natural ewe lambs, which sold to 4,600gns and 1,700gns in 2021.

Also, at last week’s sale, Jackson commanded the second-highest call of 3,500gns for a substitute lamb, Milltown Gyspy Girl, a full sister to the 2023 Balmoral Show male champion.

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She is by Extrovert, and her dam, Diamond Destiny, has previously bred daughters to 3,500gns (Milltown Fantasy) and 2,600gns (Milltown Foxy).

Gypsy found her new home in Aghalee, Antrim, with James Johnston.

Meanwhile, father-and-daughter duo, A Beattie & L Kennedy took home 2,000gns for a pair of lambs selling with their recipient dam.

Carlaustan Genevieve, a single born ET ewe lamb, is by Tiptop Diablo and out of an imported ewe (IM0595).

Carlaustan Goofy was a natural-born triplet and twinned onto the recipient ewe.

Also sired by Diablo and out of an imported ewe (IM0605), Goofy is a full brother to Carlaustan Extrovert. This pair found their new home in Barquhill, Wigtownshire, with M & R McCornick.

At 1,800gns was Barquhill ET from M & R McCornick. Out of Williams Diamante and by Westbroad Diego, sire of 3,000gns Barquhill Faith, this flashy ewe hogg sold to Graeme Jackson, Mount Pleasant, Lancashire.

Finally, from D Steen, Coxhill was Coxhill Fern at 1,600gns. Purchased by R Spencer & Son, Fern is out of Blackberry (IM0977) and sired by Navac Blacklaw Concrete.

Other prices for embryo lambs weaned or suckling recipient dams:

  • 58 – D Guthrie, Myreside – 1,500gns (recipient with single ewe lamb);
  • 24 – Ali Jackson, Tiptop – 1,200gns (recipient with twins – ewe & ram lamb);
  • 31 – T Jackson, Milltown – 1,200gns (ewe lamb);
  • 45 – N Brown, Irthing Valley – 1,200gns (recipient with twin ewe lambs).

Ewe hoggs prices

  • 76 – N Brown, Irthing Valley – 2,500gns;
  • 75 – N Brown, Irthing Valley – 2,200gns;
  • 86 – M & R McCornick, Barquhill – 1,800gns;
  • 61 – D Steen, Coxhill – 1,600gns;
  • 67 – J Dixon, Grayrigg Foot – 1,500gns;
  • 69 – J Dixon, Grayrigg Foot- 1,500gns;
  • 82 – Lara Reid, Elite – 1,500gns;
  • 59 – D Steen, Coxhill – 1,300gns;
  • 60 – D Steen, Coxhill – 1,200gns;
  • 83 – Ali Jackson, Tiptop – 1,200gns;
  • 84 – M & R McCornick, Barquhill – 1,200gns.

Sale averages:

  • 31 embry lambs weaned or suckling recipient dams: £1050.68;
  • 23 ewe hoggs : £1180.11;
  • 2 non-mv pedigree ewes & lambs: £813.75;
  • 2 non-mv ewe hoggs: £1155.00.

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