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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnanehttps://www.thatsfarming.com/
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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New A-Z directory to help connect and promote Irish agri-businesses

A new online resource aims to showcase the businesses and services at the backbone of the Irish agri-food industry nationwide and globally.

With a motto of ‘Find IT or BE Found on agcontacts.com’, this new directory website aims to become the most comprehensive and all-encompassing agri-directory in Ireland.

There are 150+ niche agricultural products/services categories covering everything from alpaca farming to zero-grazing.

Specialising in listing and locating agricultural businesses, products and services across the island, the new website will bring together and promote all those working to sustain the success story that is the Irish agri-food sector.

From established enterprises looking to expand their customer and contacts bases to small, family-run organic farmers looking to expand their reach online, Agcontacts.com aims to be an “invaluable”  tool for all agri-food businesses working in an industry so “vital” to both the Irish and global economy.

A spokesperson for the website told That’s Farming.

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“For a small country, Ireland really does punch above its weight when it comes to the international agri-food industry. Building and maintaining a strong export market has been key to that success story.”

“Here at Agcontacts.com, we wanted to help all our farm and food-related businesses reach their full potential by providing one central, online resource to showcase their businesses and services to the world.”


The website founder noted that the agri-food industry is a cornerstone of the Irish economy, producing a “significantly” higher return than any other sector.

It provides close to 160,000 jobs and accounts for around 8% of GDP, bringing in tens of billions into the economy each year.

“Farming is not just about economic statistics, though. It is about people and communities. When we talk about the agri-food sector, we are often talking about families, heritage, and an all-encompassing way of life.”

“That is why we have been keen to make the site user-friendly for everyone, including smaller businesses who may not have an online presence yet.”

“At Agcontacts.com, we not only provide businesses with finger-tip access to what will be the most diverse and comprehensive agri-directory in the country.”

“However, we also offer a streamlined SEO web service that even businesses who have yet to embrace the digital world will find extremely user-friendly.”


That service will include everything a farm business needs to stand out in the competitive online world, with listings including:

  • A search-engine-optimised outline of the services offered;
  • Google Map locations;
  • Helpful photos;
  • Clickable contact details;
  • Social media links;
  • External third party links;
  • Live opening times;
  • A contact form linked directly to the business.

Listed businesses can also avail of the chance to have their company video promoted on both the main directory home page and on AgContacts.com’s social media channels.

On top of this, Agcontacts.com also offer a bespoke directory listing for small agri-businesses who have yet to venture into promoting their products/services online.

Once listed, businesses can be “rest assured” their products and services will be easy to find, thanks to industry-specific tags which make searching the directory “a breeze”.

Furthermore, its website layout allows potential customers to easily navigate the directory to find the specific product or service they seek.

Meanwhile, listed businesses can enjoy the benefits of being found by their specific target market at the click of a button.

However, the website plans to be much more than just a directory.

It will also feature upcoming farming and agri-food events, in-person and online, promote new product launches, and keep Agcontacts.com users up-to-date with the latest industry news.

Meanwhile, those looking to invest, expand or even start out in the agri-food industry can hop over to Agcontacts.com’s sister site, www.farmsforsaleireland.com.

Here, you can search for your dream agri-property in its specialist listings and keep on top of upcoming agricultural property events, including public/online auctions.


The founder added: “Agcontacts.com is striving to become the most extensive directory in the Irish agri-industry, connecting businesses of all shapes and sizes with customers both nationally and internationally.”

Who will join? 

Agcontacts.com will bring together Irish agri-food businesses together in one central online hub, including:

  • Large-scale agricultural contractors;
  • Machine manufacturers;
  • Material suppliers;
  • Veterinary services;
  • Horticultural nurseries;
  • Fuel suppliers;
  • Mushroom growers;
  • Small family dairy farmers;
  • Beekeepers. 

The founder concluded:

“Agcontacts.com aims to become Ireland’s premier agri-food directory where you will find anything and everything in the industry all under one roof.”

“No longer will you have to search on social media or rely on outdated listings on search engines to contact local or national agricultural businesses.”

“We hope this will not only help businesses connect with customers here in Ireland but will help further promote our local agri-food products and services to an international market that is already well aware of the high-quality goods and impressive reputation of the Irish industry.”

Visit www.agcontacts.com to browse the agri-businesses that have already signed up for the ever-growing directory.

With “competitive” rates and packages to suit everyone, those interested in featuring their business or service on the site can email – [email protected]

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