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Covid-19: No disruptions to milk collections

Director of Dairy Industry Ireland, Conor Mulvihill, issued a statement on Thursday, March 12th, to reassure milk suppliers that their milk will still be collected.

These comments come as a result of the recent Covid-19 announcements, with farmers fearing the supply chain will break down.

Mulvihill said: “Milk is a perishable product and I want to allay any fears that farmers may have over their milk being collected in the coming weeks.”

“Each processor has put in place strict protocols around the collection of milk and to minimise person-to person contact. Both the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and EFSA have strongly communicated that food distribution and processing is totally safe.”

“The dairy sector is a critical part of the rural Irish economy and the industry has put in place detailed protocols to ensure milk continues to be processed through any escalation in the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland.”

Dairy Industry Ireland state that they are aware of the threat posed by coronavirus and will support the measures announced by the government to limit the spread of the virus. They say they are in constant contact with the key departments to ensure the supply chain remains robust.

“While we acknowledge that there will be severe disruption to enterprise and the State in the aftermath of today’s announcement, we will be working with the authorities to ensure the collection, processing and storage of dairy and specialised nutrition continues in the face of these challenges.” the statement concluded. 

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