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Day in the life of an Agribusiness Associate

24-year-old Séadhna Crowley hails from Dunmanway, Co. Cork.

The UCD Dairy Business graduate completed a Masters’ Degree in Agricultural Extension and Innovation in August 2019, before joining the Glanbia graduate programme in September of the same year.

Although not directly from a farming background, Séadhna has always been involved in agriculture, having grown up beside his uncle’s dairy farm and was heavily involved from a young age.

What is your current job title?

I am currently working as an Agribusiness Associate with Glanbia Ireland. I joined as part of Glanbia’s Pure Ambition Graduate Programme in September 2019.

Where are you based?

I am currently working in the branch network and for the last five months, I have been based out of the Glenville branch situated ten minutes north of Cork city. This has been a hugely valuable learning experience where I have had the responsibility for the day to day running of the business.

Prior to this, I was based out of the company’s Kilkenny headquarters where I was involved in various projects and got a great introduction into the operation of such a large organisation. 

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What does your day currently consist of?

Our days in the branch are relatively consistent. We are open from 8.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday. However, each day can vary drastically.

There’s always something on or something that needs sorting. We work closely with other members of Glanbia to ensure the day to day running of the branch delivers for our customers as best we can.

Prior to this, I spent four months based in Kilkenny. Here I got an insight into various roles, such as; working with different business managers and getting involved in various projects working in the company’s headquarters.

Who do you liaise with on a daily basis?

As I work as part of a team in the branch network I am in constant contact with my colleagues. We are also supported by the local Glanbia business managers. In addition to this, we work closely with various representatives for other companies which we deal with such as suppliers and hauliers etc.

What kind of responsibilities do you have currently?

At the moment my role revolves around the day to day running of the branch. We are responsible for providing the necessary inputs for our customers, managing the logistics of the business and ensuring the whole process is undertaken as efficiently as possible.

Favourite part of your role?

Getting the chance to meet people on a daily basis and assisting them where possible to get what they are looking for and ensure they are happy with the service we provide.

I enjoy the requirement for the mix of technical knowledge on farming matters and combining this then with people and business skills.

Most challenging part of your role?

Dealing with the logistical side of things i.e. suppliers, to ensure the smooth running of the business has certainly presented many challenges. The Covid-19 restrictions definitely did not help with this, but it has been a great learning curve and something I will take many lessons from.

Has this role met your expectations?

It has exceeded all my expectations, to be honest. The level of training and support you get with Glanbia and the Graduate Programme is second to none, yet you are still given a lot of independence to carry out your role.

I enjoy the variety of the role as every day can throw up new challenges and opportunities. I have really enjoyed my work while on the Graduate Programme and hope it continues on its current trajectory into the future.

What plans/hopes do you have for career progression?

Simply, I hope to continue my development with Glanbia Ireland. I plan to see out my graduate contract and move onto a permanent role in the near future. Working with such a diverse company presents many opportunities for graduates, so we’ll see where the road goes.

Why should younger generations follow in your footsteps?

Joining on the Pure Ambition Graduate Programme gives great flexibility because if one role doesn’t suit you, there are numerous other avenues you can pursue to help you find the one that fits you best.

I have received great support right from my first day and couldn’t recommend Glanbia more for someone looking to pursue a career in the industry.

Finally, the resilience of the sector has been proven beyond any doubt during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Job security and a thriving industry are important for the future and I believe agriculture delivers this in spades.

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