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Things people do not tell you about dating a livestock auctioneer

Dating a livestock auctioneer

That’s Farming’s light-hearted take on what people do not tell you about dating a livestock auctioneer…

  • Plans revolve around mart sales;
  • They will go to the mart, even if they do not have auctioneering duties to perform that day;
  • When they are not at the mart in person, they will tune in virtually via LSL Auctions or MartEye;
  • Despite selling hundreds of cattle and/or sheep daily, they like having their own stock;
  • Forget about planning day trips during spring when calf sales begin or the autumn time when marts’ throughputs peak;
  • If they are not at the mart in-person or watching it, they will be talking to someone about it;
  • They do not have a 9 am-5 pm job – they could be home at 2 am or 2 pm!
  • Take advantage of summertime when their mart schedule is not as hectic as the spring or autumn and Sundays;
  • You must have their ‘white’ coats cleaned, washed and ironed for sales, along with the rest of their attire – Chelsea boots and a quilted jacket are a given;
  • They cannot go to the local shop or restaurant without meeting a mart-goer;
  • You have to get to know their schedule as well as they do – know what mart sale is where from Monday-Saturday inclusive;
  • They are always roped into charity auctions;
  • They clock up more mileage than some taxi drivers and, while doing so, take in some of the most scenic places in the country;
  • They are known as the ‘auctioneer that does be in X mart and/or sells X’ in the locality;
  • They may forget important things that you tell them but can recall the price, weight, and buyer of every lot in the yard on sale day;
  • If you want to bring them on a surprise holiday, take them to a mart overseas! Do not be surprised if you are on a sun holiday and they begin searching for a mart.

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