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Auction: Clearance sale of dairy herd and machinery

A clearance sale of a dairy herd and followers (120 head) with machinery and dairy equipment will take place on Friday, January 24th at 12pm.

Carnew Mart is holding the sale on behalf of New Evans. The herd consists of eighty 2nd, 3rd and 4th-calvers with an average EBI of €130 and an average yield of 1,556 gallons and 528kgs of milk solids at 3.68% protein and 3.5% butterfat.

20 of the cows are freshly-calved, while sixty are during in February/March. The entry will also include twenty heifers with an average EBI of €175 and seventeen breeding heifers with an average EBI of €198; one Aberdeen-Angus stock bull is also for sale.


  • 03 MF 4360, 6-cylinder, 5000 hrs, 4-wheel drive
  • MF 698, 2-wheel drive, 3300 Hrs;
  • 2013 High-Spec V 12 tub feeder;
  • Amazone 2.5 tonne with cover fertiliser spinner;
  • RABE 3m power harrow;
  • McMaster 4-part pin harrow;
  • 16ft steel grain trailer;
  • 25ft bale trailer;
  • MXU 07 Case 115 with loader 3000hrs.

Milking equipment:

  • 16-unit milking machine Fullwood Fabaler;

– ACR’s oil meters;

– Dump line;

– Plate cooler;

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– Heaters and stall work;

  • 2014 8400L Packo bulk tank
  • 2014 Volac auto Calf Feeder,

– whole milk or powder;
– 2 stations.


Images of the auction entries can be found here.

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