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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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VID: Residential dairy farm on 611ac hits market with €5.8m guide price

Following the launch of Knockeffrick Farm and Kirkmabreck Farm to the market, Threave Rural’s latest listing comes in the form of Barharrow Farm, for which it is seeking over €5,864,000.

Barharrow Farm, which is located at Gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas, in the UK, is what the selling agent has described as an “exceptional” dairy farm.

It benefits from a “well-presented” traditional farmhouse, two farm cottages, mainly modern farm buildings, a 32/32 Herringbone parlour and in the region of 611-acres (or 252.9ha) of agricultural land.

The agricultural land is down to grass for grazing and conservation (silage or hay); however, the land is capable of growing a range of cereal and other forage crops.

Barharrow is farmed in conjunction with two other properties, which are both being offered for sale at this time by Threave Rural, and particulars are available (Clauchan Farm & Land at Plunton), both of which lie contiguous to Barharrow.

The farmhouse at Barharrow has been “well-maintained”, offering comfortable four-bedroom accommodation over two floors.

The property occupies a position within its own garden grounds and is accessed by a separate driveway.

The farm benefits from three other residential properties, one being the dairy house, contained within the steading at Barharrow, and two detached cottages, Jessieville & Dromore.

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The farm cottages are located outwith the main farm and currently offer accommodation to farm staff. The steading is of mainly modern construction and houses the dairy complex.

The farm, the agent remarked, was, until very recently, in production, and all associated dairy equipment was in daily use.

Agricultural land 

Barharrow Farm extends in total to about 625.09 acres (252.97 ha), including the areas occupied by the farmhouse, cottages, steading, yards, access roads, etc.

The holding features 33 specific field enclosures, which are currently all down to grass for grazing and conservation (silage) or other forage crops.

The land is classified as predominantly yield class 4 of the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research (Land Capability Study), as produced by the James Hutton Institute.

The farm is self-sufficient in-home grown forage and capable of any type of livestock production or cropping but is “ideally suited” to dairying, which was undertaken, the agent remarked.

The land ranges from good fertile arable land to permanent grazing.

Basic Payment Entitlements

The whole of the agricultural land has been allocated payment region 1 with the exception of some two hectares of region 2 land.

The agents are advised that the vendors are active farmers (as currently defined under EU Regulation 1307/2013 and the Scottish Statutory Instrument 2014/58).

The firm is further informed that the sellers completed an IACS/SAF submission 2023, a copy of which can be made available for inspection from the sole selling agents.

Barharrow Farm benefits from 246.67 units of region 1 and 0.96 units of region 2 entitlements with illustrative unit values of €165.63 and €36.16, respectively.

Any payments already applied for prior to the completion date, will be retained by the sellers, i.e., the 2023 Basic Payment and 2023 greening payment.

However, according to the agents, the sellers will “use their best endeavours” to complete the necessary documentation to transfer any and all established Basic Payment Entitlements.

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