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Creed urged to support 2-year CAP extension

Ireland South MEP, Billy Kelleher, has urged the Minister for Agriculture to support a new proposal from the European Parliament’s AGRI Committee.

The committee recently voted to extend CAP rules by 2 years and demand a stronger budget for the agricultural industry.

CAP extension

The extension was said to give stability and certainty to farmers after it was put forward by Kelleher’s Renew Europe colleague, Elsi Katainen of Finland.

The Fianna Fáil MEP said the demand for a strengthened budget is “something that is desperately needed by rural communities – not only because of depressed prices but also because of the economic hardship that the Covid-19 pandemic will bring.”

“Farmers want and need regulatory stability and financial certainty if they are to invest in their futures, and also protect their livelihoods. Now more than ever, food security is on the agenda – without farmers, there is no food let alone security.”

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Seek support

This decision will be made by the European Council, therefore, leading Kelleher to urge Michael Creed to support the proposal and seek support from other EU member states.

“Right across Europe, farmers and rural communities are suffering. Not only do they need to know what rules will apply to them from the 1st Jan 2021, they also need additional funding.”

“If we want farmers to help deliver a climate-neutral Europe, they need to be in a financially strong position – this proposal gives that ambition hope.”

“The European Parliament has done its job. It’s now up to national governments, Ireland included, to do theirs,” concluded Kelleher.

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