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Covid-19: Advice for veterinary practitioners

With the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 rising every day, the chances of contracting the virus rises.

It is extremely important for veterinary practitioners to be protected from the virus. For this reason, Veterinary Ireland has issued a series of guidelines for practitioners to follow.

Advice for companion animal practitioners:

  1. Shorten your working hours and admit only urgent cases;
  2. All staff should wear protective equipment;
  3. All staff should wash hands regularly and thoroughly (after each pet or owner contact);
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth;
  5. Keep at least 2-metres from people;
  6. Make appointments by phone or online;
  7. Inform pet owners of new protocol via signs and digital channels;
  8. Allow only one healthy adult to accompany the animal;
  9. Regularly clean and disinfect door handles, surfaces and any area that people touch;
  10. Provide hand disinfectant to clients;
  11. If possible, split the team into two groups and prevent physical contact with each other;
  12. Send home all staff that can work from home or don’t need to be there;
  13. Remove all items in the waiting room that people can touch e.g. magazines;
  14. No visiting hours for hospitalized patients or any unnecessary visits;
  15. Prefer contactless payment.

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