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Cootehill’s first sheep sale of 2022 ‘starts off with a bang’

Cootehill Mart – sheep prices – 06-01-2022

According to Geoffrey Drury of Cootehill Livestock Mart, its first sheep sale of 2022 – held on Thursday (06-01) – “started off with a bang”.

He reported that over 1,000 entries went under the hammer at its weekly sheep sale, with a 99.5% clearance.

He said that there was a “noticeable” change from sales before Christmas of having the addition of “great quality” teams of ewes with lambs at foot.

Cootehill Mart 06-01-2022:
Factory lambs:

Firstly, factory lambs were a “strong trade from the get-go” with prices as follows:

  • 10 lambs at 50kgs making €166 – €3.30/kg;
  • 13 lambs at 47kgs making €162 – €3.40/kg;
  • 10 lambs at 50kgs making €163 – €3.28/kg;
  • 2 lambs at 47kgs making €154 – €3.28/kg;
  • 10 lambs at 48kgs making €156 – €3.29/kg.
Store lambs:

Drury pointed out that store lambs were “weaker than before Christmas, likely due to the cold, wet weather recently”.

  • 9 lambs at 31kgs making €105 – €3.35/kg;
  • 10 lambs at 38kgs making €128 – €3.35/kg;
  • 2 lambs at 33kgs making €110 – €3.33/kg;
  • 2 lambs at 36kgs making €119 – €3.31/kg;
  • 12 lambs at 32 kgs making €104 – €3.27/kg.
Ewe/lamb teams:

He reported “very strong” prices for “quality” ewe/lamb teams as follows:

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  • €370 for team of two lambs &ewe;
  • €330 for team of two lambs & ewe;
  • €320 for team of two lambs & ewe;
  • €320 for team of two lambs & ewe;
  • €300 for team of one lamb & ewe.

Other categories:

  • In-lamb ewes made from €135-€220 with prices generally around €200.
About the mart:

The mart re-opened under new management in 2021.

The Cavan-based sheep and cattle mart draws customers from Cavan, Monaghan, Meath and further afield.

The premises, now named Cootehill Livestock Mart, was under Jimmy and Carmel O’Reilly’s management for seven years.

The Drury family is now leasing the premises on a ten-year basis.

Mart information:
  • Address: Station Road, Cootehill, Co Cavan;
  • Contact details: Phone: 0495555362;
  • Sales days: Sheep and cattle sales weekly. Sales online via LSL Auctions.

View other mart reports.

Upcoming sales:

  • Next week’s sheep sale starts again at 6:30pm on Thursday.
  • Special suck calf sale on Friday, January 8th, 2022 followed by first weekly sale of weanlings and sucklers for 2022. Sale starts at 6:30pm.
  • Next dairy sale will be held in two weeks’ time on Thursday, January 21st, and every two weeks thereafter.
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