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Top 20: Content creators earning up to €320,000/post

Content Creators: How much do they earn?

In 2022, more and more people are finding success through vlogging – the activity of uploading short videos to social media on a regular basis.

As the art of vlogging has become popular, naturally, there is now more money to be made from uploading content to the internet than ever before.

Vlogging can be an extremely profitable profession, but which social media stars earn the most money per post across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube?

As part of their Vloggers’ Success Files campaign, Business Name Generator has ranked over 100 social media personalities based on how much they earn per social media post.


See below how the top 20 vloggers ranked:

In first place is Khaby Lame, as the Senegalese-Italian TikTok sensation is crowned the wealthiest vlogger with an unbeatable 20 out of 20 score.

His popular comedy content earns him, on average, $340,520 (£283,844 or €320,480) per post across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Next up is Bella Poarch, who clinches second place with a total score of 19.8 out of 20.

The Tik Tok star turned pop icon earns a brilliant $273,971 (£228,404 or €257,847) per social media post. It is no wonder that she appeared on Forbes’ list of Top Creators in 2022.

Ranking third is Charli D’Amelio, as the American social media personality and competitive dancer earns as much as $272,705 (£227,348 or €256,656) per post.

On top of her online success, the 18-year-old also has her own TV series, The D’Amelio Show, which streams on Disney Plus.

Fourth and fifth place are also taken up by lifestyle content creators, with Addison Rae and Kimberly Loaiza earning $214,184 (£178,560 or €201,579) and $203,911 (£169,996 or €191,931) per social media post, respectively.

The very highest-earning vloggers featured mostly in the lifestyle content-creating category; in fact, 60% of the top ten produce mainly lifestyle content.

However, when taking into account the top 20 as a whole then, comedy is king, as comedy content creators take up 40% of the top 20 wealthiest vloggers.

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