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Consumers asked to prioritise the purchase of Irish food products

Consumers are being asked to make an extra effort to prioritise the purchase of Irish food products over the next few weeks in order to support workers and protect Irish businesses.

Sinn Féin Agriculture and Food Spokesperson, Brian Stanley, has called for the launch of a ‘Buy Irish Food’ campaign, in which consumers, retailers and producers all have an “important role” to play.

‘Buy Irish Food’ campaign

Deputy Stanley, said: “It is important that every effort is made over the next few weeks to support Irish businesses and workers by prioritising the purchase of Irish food products.” 

Sinn Féin is therefore calling for a ‘Buy Irish Food’ campaign in an effort to provide vital support to food producers and workers in the sector.

“During this health pandemic, we need to retain as much wealth within our own domestic economy if we are to protect businesses and jobs against any potential decline in export trade down the line.

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“We are, therefore, asking consumers to double their efforts to prioritise the purchase of Irish food products during their weekly shop.” 

“Behind every Irish product is a worker and a farmer whose family needs our support.”

Read labels 

The political party is asking people to please read labels when shopping and to prioritise Irish produce if they can. “One easy way to identify a product is of Irish origin is if it has the Bord Bia Quality Mark on the label.” 

“We are also asking producers and factories from this point on to design their labels to make it that much easier for consumers to identify Irish products in the shop.” 

“Retailers should also play their part by using a green label on the shelf below the product or to have an ‘Irish Origin’ section in their shops.” 

“We all have a role to play in protecting our local economy and a ‘Buy Irish Food’ campaign would allow all of us to make a positive contribution to protect Irish jobs and Irish businesses.” Stanley concluded.

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