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Condition orange fire warning in place

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) have issued a condition orange fire warning for the coming days.

The warning is in place from Wednesday (May 27th) until 12 pm Friday (May 29th).

The warning has arisen from increased temperatures and low levels of rainfall over recent days.

The risk is said to be highest in places where hazardous fuels such as dead grasses, heather and gorse exist.

The DAFM stated that, based on recent incidents, most ignitions risks appear to be associated with illegal dumping activity and public recreation activity on forest and other amenity sites.

Fire behaviour during the lifespan of this warning is likely to be influenced by variable light to moderate winds Thursday ahead of rain approaching from the south-west but may be moderated by increased live growth in vegetation.

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The Department has advised all forest owners to prepare for possible outbreaks of fire. They say fire line, fire plans and fire suppression equipment should be reviewed and made accessible in the event of a fire breaking out. “The need for increased vigilance at this time cannot be overstated.”

Fire mitigation measures have also been advised to help prevent loss or damage to forest resources through the event of a fire outbreak.

Advice to the general public/forest visitors:

The DAFM have asked members of the general public to cooperate with requests regarding fire safety and obey the laws. They are also being urged to be considerate of emergency vehicles when parking.

The Department has issued the following advice:

  • Do not light fires in and around forests or open land;
  • Do not attempt to intervene or fight fires under any circumstances;
  • Gather all family/group members and move to a safe fuel-free location such as a car park, upwind of the fire;
  • Telephone Fire and Rescue Services via 112 and report the fire and its location;
  • Evacuate if instructed to do so and cooperate with all Emergency Service Instructions.
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