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VIDEO: A chlorine-free wash system

Increasingly, farmers are turning to chlorine-free wash systems to reduce the chlorate and TCM levels within their milk, according to David John – Area Sales Manager – Kersia.

It is important that a structured wash programme is followed to ensure effective cleaning of the equipment and also thorough rinsing at each stage, he added.

A suggested chlorine-free wash programme may run as follows;

  • Step 1 – Wash jets and clusters and remove milk filters;
  • Step 2 – Rinse at least 15-litres of waters per cluster;
  • Step 3 – Add a Chlorine-free product such as Autosan Blue which can be used at a rate of 0.5% for hot washes and 1% cold water;
  • Step 4 – Circulate the product for 10-minutes to ensure that all areas of the system are reached;
  • Step 5 – Rinse the system well using at least 10-litres/unit of clean, cold water and add Peracetic Acid @ 0.2%.

At least three-times-a-week, you should use a product such as Kilco Milkstone Remover to remove mineral deposits. Autosan Blue is also very suitable for use in bulk milk yanks, to complete the chlorine-free programme. 

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