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Chat-up lines you’ll hear at the mart

  • What’s a fine heifer like you doing in a place like this? 
  • I know a quality lot when I see one. 
  • Come here often? 
  • What’s your lot number?
  • Are you for sale today? 
  • So… do you have any brothers and sisters? 
  • I’ll buy you a drink when I see you out, instead of giving you a luck-penny. 
  • How are ya on the road frontage side of things?
  • I’d give you a five-star rating across the board!
  • I’ve sizeable acreage but some room for expansion.
  • What’s a lady like you doing on the single market? 
  • You’re a good judge of two and four-legged beasts.
  • In the market for a five-star bull? 
  • You buy your cattle like yourself – flashy and classy! 
  • Quality lots like yourself are a rare sight around this place.

Can you add to this list? If so, email – [email protected]

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