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VIDEO: Cattle can talk to each other – study

A new study has found that cattle can ‘talk’ to one another.

The research, which involved 333 samples of bovine vocalisations, was conducted by Alexandra Green, a PhD candidate from the University of Sydney.

She determined that the cows gave individual voice cues in a variety of positive and negative situations.

This, she explained, helps them to maintain contact with the herd and express engagement, excitement, arousal or distress.

The research, which involved a herd of 18 Holstein-Friesian heifers over five months and was published in Scientific Reports, is the first evidence of cattle maintaining individual vocalisation.

Green believes that farmers should integrate knowledge of individual cow voices into their daily farming practices.

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She highlighted that by understanding these vocal characteristics, farmers will be able to recognise individual animals in the herd that might require individual attention.

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