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Opinion: Government’s carbon tax hikes confirm they are ‘out of touch’

Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy shares his views on carbon tax hikes ahead of next week’s budget.

The government’s insistence on proceeding with carbon tax hikes in next week’s budget confirms that they are out of touch with the realities of many workers and families who are facing a cost-of-living crisis.

Minister Simon Coveney confirmed in the Dáil that the government planned to proceed with the tax increases.

This is despite the pressures on families and the fact that most of those impacted will be unable to source alternatives to their current motor or heating system.

Many Irish workers and families are facing a cost-of-living crisis. They are burdened with the highest mortgage rates in the eurozone; and among the highest rents, childcare, insurance and utility costs in the world.

There have been over 30 price hike announcements from Irish energy suppliers already this year. Some suppliers have raised prices several times.

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Carbon tax hikes

The government’s proposed response is to add to the cost of living by increasing the carbon tax yet again in this year’s budget.

This will push an extra:

  • €1.50 on a fill of motor fuel;
  • €13 on the average gas bill;
  • €20 per tank of home heating oil.

Minister, do you understand that many families can not afford these price hikes, which will be subject to VAT?

Will you commit to scrapping the proposed carbon tax hike considering most of those impacted have no alternative to their current car or heating system?

This further confirms that the government is out of touch with the realities facing ordinary workers and families who will be hit hardest by the carbon tax hike.

Sinn Féin Pre-Budget submission

This week, Sinn Féin will deliver our alternative budget, which will show how we can put workers and families first, without increasing carbon taxes, while providing for measures that will help reduce carbon emissions.

There is still time for government parties to give a break to hard-pressed families.

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