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Can farmers apply for the €350 Covid-19 unemployment payment?

A full-time farmer, who is unable to trade (sell products), is entitled to claim the Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payment.

Those that are qualify will receive a flat-rate payment of €350/week for the duration of the emergency.

The IFA sought further clarification from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection regarding farmer eligibility for the payment in recent days.

Higher payment rate

“This payment can increase if they have a number of child dependants.” the IFA explained.

“For example, if they have a qualifying adult and at least one qualifying child or they are not claiming for a qualified adult, but they have at least 4 qualifying children.”

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“To claim the higher payment they should complete the Jobseeker’s Benefit for the Self Employed claim form on”

“It may take some time to process this additional payment but, they will in the meantime, receive a minimum of €350 and any additional payment will be backdated when it is paid.” the farm organisation added.

507,000 people

On Friday (April 3rd), payments were issued to 507,000 people in respect of their application Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payment.  

These payments are in addition to the 207,000 people on the live register on 3 April and approximately 39,000 employers have now registered with the Revenue Commissioners for the temporary covid-19 wage subsidy scheme.

Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty said: “The scale of demand for the COVID-19 payment demonstrates the once in a century nature of the emergency facing the country as we face this unique emergency.”

“The focus of my department is to ensure that we get assistance to all who need it as effectively and quickly as possible and I would like to acknowledge the innovation, commitment and energy of all my staff who have moved mountains to meet this historic challenge.

For the duration of this emergency, the department will publish weekly updates on activity regarding our COVID-19 response.

“This is a temporary health emergency and the government is determined that it won’t be a permanent economic one.”

“As much as we are focussed on helping people today, my department will be also be playing its part to help people get back into work as soon as this emergency passes,” Doherty concluded.

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