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VIDEO: Buy & Sell by Herdwatch – The future of buying and selling animals online

Buy & Sell by Herdwatch is an easy way to advertise & find animals for sale to a trusted network of over 18,000 Herdwatch members for FREE across Ireland & the UK.

Buy & Sell by Herdwatch allows sellers to share ‘verified’ animal information from the Herdwatch app, including age, breeding, movements, weights and more which can help to increase the value of your animals.

It could not be easier to create a listing; simply, select the animals you wish to sell, add up to three pictures, add a video if you wish and set a price!

This service also helps buyers to simplify their purchasing decisions by allowing them to find the types of animals they want quicker, whether that is by location, breed, age, weights, and more quickly and with confidence in what they are looking at.

Best of all, it is commission free, and you can browse livestock 24 hours a day!


Helping farmers during Covid-19 lockdown

To help at the height of the first lockdown, Herdwatch launched a free Covid Cattle Exchange to help and connect farmers who needed to buy and sell animals when marts had closed during one of the busiest periods of the year, and it was from here, the idea was born.

Similarly, during the fodder crisis in 2018, Herdwatch helped hundreds of Herdwatch members reach out to help each other via the free Herdwatch Fodder Exchange, with offers of fodder for sale to farmers in a time of need.

Added value for buyers & sellers

A Herdwatch survey found that 72% of sellers say that sharing more animal information with prospective buyers could increase the sale price of the animals.

83% of buyers said they would be more likely to buy animals when they get animal information, including age, breed, residency count, TB and QA status before deciding whether to make a purchase.

Sharing key animal information with other farmers can help increase the value of animals by using data to prove their history.

It can also help buyers simplify their purchasing decision by giving them the facts they need before they go to see an animal.

Kelan Hand

Pedigree suckler farmer, Kelan Hand, from Tullamore in Co. Offaly has been using the Herdwatch app for over two years to manage his herd.

He said: “The Herdwatch app has completely removed the paperwork from farming and is a game changer this time of year with calf registration being such a quick and easy task.”

“Before, I was writing tag numbers down on bits of paper and losing them half the time, but now it is a case of pulling out the phone once a calf is born and registering on the spot. It would be registered in 30 seconds or less, serious job!” said Kelan.

“Also, it is great to see Herdwatch adding even more value to the app with the new Buy and Sell service, especially for someone like myself who is always throwing ads up on sites.”

“It can get very expensive, especially with the price of ads on some of the platforms these days.”

“With Herdwatch, I can list as many ads as I want, and I know over 18,000 other members will be able to view my ad, and in turn, I will be able to move animals on quickly.”

“I put up an ad a few weeks back for a pedigree Charolais bull, and the phone was hopping, so that is always a good sign.”

“The fact the buyers were able to see all of the animal’s history and details etc., it gave them added confidence before they even hopped in a car to come and see it,” Kelan added.

“The more information you have, the better a decision can be made. Simple as that,” he concluded.

How does it work?

It could not be easier to create an ad:

  1. Click on the ‘Buy & Sell’ section in the app and select ‘Sell Animals’
  2. Select the animals you want to sell.
  3. Attach up to 3 pictures and a video of your animals.
  4. Input your headline & description.
  5. Set your price or open yourself to offers!

Share information such as:

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Farm residencies (Number of Movements)
  • Days on farm
  • Quality Assurance status
  • Last TB test date
  • Weight
  • Number of animals for sale
  • 3 images and a video to save on diesel!

The information on the Herdwatch listing contains the most up-to-date animal information, meaning that a farmer has complete confidence in the animals they are purchasing.

To find out more information, go to website or click this link to download the Herdwatch farm management app today.

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