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Buy and sell cattle from the comfort of your home

A Dublin-based software firm, with farming roots, has created a platform for farmers to buy and sell directly from the comfort of their home.

Irish Marts Live, the brainchild of Inertia Technology Limited, caters for any commonly traded livestock, such as poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, and a “host more”.

Speaking to That’s Farming, the founder said: “With marts closed to the public, those in the know have turned their eye to technology for a solution to this question.”

“However, the solutions seem to have focused entirely on the needs of the current infrastructures, and less on the needs of farming communities.”

Irish Marts Live’s approach is to allow sellers to easily upload their animals for sale, with full details, to the platform without incurring fees for advertising.

All orders have a 4% commission (including transaction fees), but no additional costs will occur, according to the company.

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“Buyers also have an opportunity to appraise the livestock before the payment is made to the seller. This way both parties can be assured of the quality of the purchase and sale.”


Irish Marts Live have also agreed to run trials with several community marts to facilitate auctions directly through the platform.

“Ultimately, we want to offer a safe experience for farmers that doesn’t hurt their businesses.”

“We know that this is a difficult time for farmers. Our commitment is to defend farming communities from the worst outcomes of lockdown.”

“We also want to build something that makes people’s lives better in the long-term. When it comes to software, we always found that people need to listen more to what their users need.” the founder concluded.

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