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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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11 new bulls from Progressive Genetics for sucklers

11 new bulls from Progressive Genetics

A range of Limousin, Charolais, Simmental, Belgian Blue, and Angus bulls are among Progressive Genetics’ new offerings for use on suckler herds this breeding season.

Rosalish Goulding, Irish Cattle Breeding Centre programme manager, told farmers about eleven of those sires during a webinar that Teagasc Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal held last week, which included:

  • Keltic Rembrandt – Limousin;
  • Rutland Rueben – Limousin;
  • Powerful Proper – Limousin;
  • Leeherd Lynx – Simmental;
  • Corbaun Rory – Charolais;
  • Grangwood Royal Oak ET – Charolais;
  • Cloonradoon Ricky – Charolais;
  • Topside Out There Pp – Belgian Blue;
  • HW Lord Horatio – Angus;
  • Tara Terminus – Angus;
  • HW Red Lamborghini V772 – Angus.

AI bulls 

Keltic Rembrandt

Firstly, Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259) is one of the company’s newest bull with semen to become available in the coming weeks.

Goulding described the Edakkya (LM2242) son as “an all-around Limousin” that is “good” on calving, maternal and replacement and carries two copies of the ‘profit’ gene.

Overall, she described him as an “excellent, well-balanced” bull with size, length, shape, and correctness that “should tick a lot of boxes”.

Rutland Rueben

(LM8286) is another new bull, a Tomschoice Iceberg son out of a Queenshead Altea dam, that semen will be available to purchase from in the coming weeks.

Goulding described him as a “very easy calving” with a predicated figure of 4.4% on beef heifers and 2.3% on beef cows.

She said he has “excellent” docility and is a “well balanced, correct” sire.

Powerful Proper

Meanwhile, the company expects Proper’s first progeny to hit the ground in early summer.

They selected the Eravelle son (LM7416) for short gestation, calving ease, and quality (carries two copies of the ‘profit’ gene).

Leeherd Lynx

Again, SI7491 is a Simmental from the Finnegan family, who we previously profiled, joined the company’s offering in recent months.

Goulding described the “well balanced, correct” bull as having a “very easy” calving pedigree and “excellent” docility.

Corbaun Rory 

Goulding said (CH8334) is a “very interesting super, big, long, powerful and very well-muscled” bull by Blelack Digger and out of a Clyth Diplomat daughter.

He has a predicted calving difficulty of 11% on beef heifers and 7.0% on beef cows.

Grangwood Royal Oak ET 

(CH8262) is another new Charolais sire, out of Goldstar Echo and a prolific dam, an Enfield Picasso, daughter that has bred “top” males and females.

The bull was a junior champion at the National Calf Show before Christmas, and his full brother was champion and the highest-priced animal at the Irish Charolais Cattle Society’s March 2022 premier sale at Tullamore Mart.

Currently, Royal Oak has a predicted calving difficulty of 11.9% on beef heifers and 7.4% on beef cows.

Overall, Goulding said he is a “very-well muscled” bull with average calving – weight and shape.

Cloonradoon Ricky

(CH7503) has been available in recent months and is a Fiston son out of a Cavelands Fenian (LZF) dam.

Currently, he has a predicted calving difficulty rating of 14.9% on beef heifers and 7.1% on beef cows.

Goulding said he is “very similar to Fiston with the same profile, good on calving, very good on carcass weight and a lot of shape”.

She commented: “He is not too heavy on the bone. If you want quality, weight, and shape, and want to ‘get them out the back’, don’t go too heavy on the bone, and that really is what that bull is.”

Topside Out There Pp 

Goulding claims that this new sire (BB7383), which has YDD (DAFYDD D’OCHAIN) in his pedigree stack, is “the first” polled Belgian Blue bull to stand in Ireland.

Currently, he has a predicted calving difficulty figure of 17.1% on beef heifers and 8.6% on beef cows.

HW Lord Horatio

This is a new Angus sire (AA6682) that she believes is the “closest” to Friarstown Ideal Pete that she has stumbled upon in recent years.

She said this Netherton Cracker P790 son is easier calving than FPI and is “excellent” for carcass weight and carcass conformation.

As per his recent genetic evaluation, he has a predicted calving difficulty figure of 5.5% on beef heifers and 4.1% on beef cows.

Goulding commented: “He is a very useful bull for anyone thinking about using Angus who are finishing their own cattle. We have a lot of very good other Angus bulls, such as Tree Bridge Powys and Goulding Man Oh Man. This is the next bull that I expect to come and join those two sires.”

Tara Terminus 

Meanwhile, (AA7500) is another new Angus sire that is “very good” in carcass weight and carcass conformation and is “super” quality.

Currently, he has a predicted calving difficulty rating of 3.6% on beef heifers and 1.6% on beef cows.

HW Red Lamborghini V772 

Lastly, (AA7308) is a red Angus bull (son of HW Red Maker S181) that brings easy calving (predicted calving difficulty figure of 3.7% and 1.8% on beef cows) and short gestation.

Goulding suggested that he is suitable to use on maiden heifers to calf at 24 months and breeding females to retain that “red Limousin” colour.

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