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Before-and-after photos: Case 5140 restored

Conor Flanagan from Rosslea, Co. Fermanagh comes from a beef farm with an agricultural contracting business and restores tractors on the side.

He recently restored a 1996 Case 5140. He told That’s Farming that he plans to use it himself in their contracting business this summer, but it has gained a lot of attention from prospective buyers since he posted the project on his Facebook page.

“We planned to keep it for ourselves but there have been a lot of people enquiring about it. We’re contracting here so we’ll probably put it on a Krone 1250 baler and the rake this summer and let it go next year.”

It took Conor and his family around three weeks to get the machine to its current state.

“I had to but a new set of front weights for it and a new set of front tyres. The only thing mechanically wrong was the back-end pump but, luckily, we have a good mechanic beside us.”

“It took around 3 weeks, but we were at it a lot. There was a lot of small bits and pieces to be done.”

The business, T.C.J. restoration, involves his two brothers and his father, and the Erne County man sees it as more of a hobby than a job.

“In the summertime, we would be mainly contracting but in our spare time we would do up tractors. We do a lot of them, probably around 70 a year.”

“There is a few pounds to be made out of it but it’s more of a hobby than anything.”

“There are three brothers and our father working here, between us all it doesn’t be too hard,” he concluded. 


If you have recently restored a tractor, email [email protected]

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