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BEEP-S: 10 of your questions answered

The Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine (DAFM) has produced the following document containing FAQs in relation to the BEEP-S scheme.

The deadline for BEEP-S applications is tomorrow (May 15th).

Some of the most frequently asked questions are as follows:

Who can apply?

Suckler farmers must have one or more beef breed animals born in the herd between the 1st July 2019 and the 30th June 2020.

What number of animals will I be paid for?

Payment will only be made on the number of un-weaned calves born on the holding during this period and where the weights of both the live calf and their live dams have been recorded and submitted to ICBF, to a maximum of 100 calves.

What are the payment rates?

  • Payment will be €50 for first ten cow/calf weighing per herd and €40 per cow/calf weighing thereafter;
  • Meal feeding or vaccinating will result in a payment of €30 per calf weighed;
  • Faecal egg testing will earn €10 per cow.

Do you have to be in the BDGP to apply?

No, farmers that are not in BDGP can apply.

Is a Fresian calf bred from a Charolais cow eligible?

No. The bull used must be of a beef breed, as defined in the scheme T&Cs.

Will I be paid extra for twins?

Yes, provided weights are recorded for cow and both calves and actions are taken for both.

When will my payment be issued?

Payments will commence in Q4 2020 and applicants will be paid provided all weighings have been submitted and information on additional actions have been recorded and, where necessary, verified.

Does the sire (bull) have to be a purebred/pedigree bull?


Where can I enter the weights?

The preferred method will be electronic options including smartphone apps, ICBF webpage and farm software. An official paper form is also available from ICBF.

If the weighing scales was previously registered, does it have to be registered again?

No, scales previously registered for BEEP 2019 do not need to be re-registered.

Further information

These FAQs should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the programme. All details of scheme are set out in the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) document, which is available on the Department’s website.

More FAQs about this scheme can be found here.

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