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Beef trade: Up to €4.80/kg for U grade cull cows and €5.00/kg for heifers

Beef prices April 2022 

Beef prices continue to reach record-high levels in plants across Ireland this month (April 2022).

This week, factories have reported base prices of up to €5.00/kg (mostly €4.90-€4.95/kg) for heifers and between €4.80-€4.90/kg (up to €4.95/kg in some outlets) for steers.

This represents an increase of 5c/kg on last week’s returns.

Meanwhile, cull cow prices are ranging from €4.20/kg up to €4.85/kg. Quotes are starting at €4.20/kg for P grades (generally makin€4.30-€4.35/kg) with between €4.45-€4.55/kg on the table for O grade cull cows.

Rs are varying from €4.60-€4.75/kg, with some outlets offering up to €4.80/kg for U grades.

In terms of young bulls (both under 16 and under 24 months), most plants are quoting between €4.75/kg-€5.00/kg for U and R grades.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s beef classification and price reporting division, the throughput in beef plants stood at 33,409 head during the week commencing Monday, April 18th, 2022.

The inclusion of last week’s throughput brings the kill in DAFM-approved beef plants for the year-to-date (excluding this week) to 569,549 head. This is compared to 509,0001 head during the corresponding period last year.

Last week’s throughput:

  • Young bulls: 1,969;
  • Bulls: 608;
  • Steers: 12,628;
  • Cows: 8,242;
  • Heifers: 9,477.


  • Young bulls: 47,652;
  • Bulls: 8,468;
  • Steers: 198,838;
  • Cows: 122,232;
  • Heifers: 164,712.
Beef trade in Northern Ireland

According to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC), the beef trade remains “steady” across plants in Northern Ireland.

It reported that plants across the region increased cull cow, heifer, young bull (except for R3s) and steer prices.

In its weekly market outlook report, it stated that base quotes for in-spec U-3 grade prime cattle remained steady around 392-420p/kg.

It reported that R-3 grade cattle varied from 386-408p/kg, while O+3 grade cattle were 380-408p/kg and farmers received 324-358p/kg for P+3s. In its report, it stated that these quotes include bonuses where applicable.

NI cow prices have continued to strengthen in recent months, reporting the “highest price in 13 years”.

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