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Beef Plan co-chairs propose meeting supervised by registered mediator

Eamon Corley and Hugh Doyle have said they have contacted the directors of Beef Plan and proposed a meeting supervised by a registered mediator to resolve difficulties in order to save Beef Plan from “any further damage”.

The co-chairs of the farm organisation issued a statement this afternoon (Monday, January 13th). 

“If they are not willing to attend mediation, we will put it forward as a motion before the Meath AGM tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 14th) wherein we will propose:

“That the first order of business for the newly elected members of the national committee must meet this Thursday or Friday night with the directors of Beef Plan and agree under rule 37(x) to consult with the directors of Beef Blan to change the following:

  1. Rule 7(v) to allow for the extension of time to conduct the outstanding County AGMs to Friday 14th February 2020,

  2. Rule 15(1) to have national AGM no later than 15th March 2020, 

  3. Add to each rule that all members registered up to December 31st, 2019, will be allowed to run in and vote in these elections”.

This, the statement added, will allow all remaining or outstanding county elections take place. “We would hope that no mob rule will affect any of those AGMs.”


“In order to ensure transparency, we have consented to the appointment of an independent auditor to address all questions arising in regard to the finances of the organisation and we await his or her report.”

Doyle and Corley said that such report will be presented at the forthcoming national AGM.

Tipperary meeting 

“We are disappointed to witness prominent members of Beef Plan travel to other counties to take part in mob rule to disrupt legitimately called AGMs such as that held in Tipperary last Friday night.” 

“We strongly refute that any registered member of Tipperary Beef Plan was excluded from their AGM last Friday night and strongly refute that the former acting chairperson of Tipperary Beef Plan was refused entry.” 

“It is disappointing that the organisation has been brought into such disrepute by such actions, has come to the attention of An Garda Síochána and has left the grassroots members disillusioned.” 

“We are not interested in an organisation run by any member contributing to mob rule and we believe that the decent hard-working farmer grassroots members of the organisation are not interested in mob rule and will not renew their membership if such actions continue.” the statement added. 

Image source: Beef Plan Twitter 

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