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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Heifer prices up 53c/KG on Feb 2022 returns – Gibsey

Aurivo Ballinrobe Mart – Cattle Prices – 22-02-2023

According to Teresa Gibsey, Aurivo Ballinrobe Mart’s general cattle sale on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, “met with an excellent turnout of cattle and the trade to complement it”.

The mart’s newly appointed assistant manager reported a full clearance for bullocks and a 99% clearance for weanlings, heifers, and cull cows.

Heifer prices

Heifers, she outlined, met with a “tremendous” trade with prices from €830 to €1,860 per head or €2.41 to €3.50 per kg.

Gibsey reported an average price of €2.89/kg for heifers from 400kg to 500kgs, an increase of 53c/kg from February 2022.

  • CHX, 620KG, €1,860, €3.00/KG;
  • CHX, 512.5KG, €1,570, €3.06/KG;
  • LMX, 400KG, €1,400, €3.50/KG;
  • LM, 385KG, €1,180, €3.06/KG;
  • CHX, 325KG, €1,090, €3.35/KG.


Prices at Wednesday’s sale ranged from €930 to €1,520 per head or €2.27 to €3.57 per kg, with an average for lots in this ring ranging from 400kg to 500kg coming in at €2.74/kg.

Gibsey reported that the average was up approximately 23c/kg on February 2022 returns.

  • CH, 470KGS, €1,520, €3.23/KG;
  • CHX, 395KG, €1,410, €3.57/KG.
  • AAX, 510KG, €1,280, €2.27/KG.
  • CH, 470KG, €1,520, €3.23/KG.
  • LM, 380KG, 1,200, €3.16/KG.

Cull cow prices

The assistant mart manager reported a “good” turnout of cull cows, with prices from €770 to €2,440.

  • CHX, 880KG, €2,440;
  • CHX, 665KG, €2,040;
  • CHX, 795KG, €2,040;
  • FRX, 475KG, €770.

Weanling heifers fetched from €570 to €1,150 per head or €2.51 to €3.55 per kg. Gibsey commented that weanling heifers in the 200kg to 350kg weight bracket saw an increase of 40c/kg from February 2022.

  • CHX, 350KG, €1,150, €3.29/KG;
  • CHX, 290KG, €1,030, €3.55/KG;
  •  AAX, 185KG, €560, €3.03/KG;
  • LMX, 320KG, €1,100, €3.44/KG.

Meanwhile, weanling bulls were met with “splendid” trade as they made from €660 to €1,600 per head or €2.45 to €4.27 per kg.

  • LMX, 375KG, €1,600, €4.27/KG;
  • CHX, 330KG, €1,210, €3.67/KG;
  • CHX, 300KG, €1,040, €3.47/KG;
  • LMX, 300KG, €1,090, €3.30/KG.
Sheep prices at Aurivo Ballinrobe Mart on 23-02-2023

Thursday saw a full clearance across the board at the mart’s sheep sale with lambs from between €1.50/kg and €2.87/kg with an average across the board of €2.53/kg.

The average price per head was approximately €90 with a top call of €135 for 47.5kg ewe lambs making €2.84/kg.

Other prices from the day were:

  • 48kg ram lambs, €130, €2.71/kg;
  • 42kg ewe lambs, €117, €2.79/kg;
  • 45kg ram lambs, €124, €2.76/kg;
  • 5kg mixed lambs, €105, €2.73/kg.

Gibsey commented: “Cull ewes ranged from €50 to €154 per head with an average of €73 paid per head.”

“Breeding rams ranged from €124 to €130 at Thursday’s sheep sale.”

“Uncertainty, in the sheep sector seen a decrease in numbers for this week’s sale; however, numbers have increased on February 2022,” she concluded.

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