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‘We can offer our services to American clients’ – WOI property firm

Established close to two decades ago, APP Kirrane Auctioneering has undergone “dynamic” growth in recent years, elevating itself as a significant player in the property field.

Regarded as Western Ireland’s Best Property Auctioneers in 2022, it continues to build its “extensive and varied” property portfolio.

APP Kirrane Auctioneering

APP Kirrane Auctioneering offers a “comprehensive” service, personalised to its clients.

It provides several services such as online chat options, virtual viewings, and online auctions.

It is a “proven beneficial” service that allows purchasers to book viewings, ask questions and place bids, register or purchase from anywhere in the world, all while keeping up-to-date with bids, all from the easy access of their phone or computer devices.

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The company listed the following factors which it believes has contributed to its success:

  • The “exceptional” results it produces;
  • Dealing “effectively and efficiently” with clients;
  • Developing delicate transactions;
  • Creating a trusting relationship with customers are among the key drivers of its success.

Thus, APP Kirrane Auctioneering can promote repeat and new business through recommendations and referrals.

Matching clients to its property portfolio 

Managing partner Caroline Kirrane explained:

“We continue to build on our large and varied property portfolio to match the purchaser or lessee with a property to suit their requirements.”

“Whether it is for sales, new leases, lettings, reviews, acquisitions or multi-storey and estate management and valuations, APP Kirrane Auctioneering will be able to assist you in your needs.”

“Moreover, a sophisticated database system allows us to cross-reference all requirements by size, location, budget, and sector.”

“By registering enquiries and specific requirements, it enables us to draw from a pool of potential purchasers, lessees and tenants.”

Initially established in 2004, APP Kirrane Auctioneering opened its first office in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

The firm has withstood the challenges the industry and world have faced, from an economic crisis to a pandemic.

Because of this, the company has developed, adapted, and grown, changing the way it does business and offering services that assist the people living in Ireland and abroad.

Six fully licenced auctioneers 

Describing the many accreditations of the company, Caroline Kirrane stated:

“We have six auctioneers fully licenced with the Property Service Regulatory Authority (RSRA), holding A, B, C and D licences categories.”

“We adhere to their code of conduct.  Additionally, we are registered members of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV).”

Managing partners, Caroline Kirrane and Kevin Kirrane, fully qualified TEGoVA (Blue Blue) valuers accredited by The European Group of Valuers Association, run the firm.

At APP Kirrane Auctioneering, the company follows the PSRA, TEGoVA and the IPAV code of conduct.

In addition, it keeps up-to-date with modern knowledge of the industry by taking regular upskilling courses. Thus, ensuring it can “stay afoot” in the property sector.

Covid-19 pandemic’s impact

Based in Western Ireland, APP Kirrane Auctioneering has utilised the difficulties of the pandemic to adapt their business approach by offering walkthrough videos of all rental and sales properties, including drone footage and virtual viewings for rentals and sales.

Moreover, APP Kirrane Auctioneering has developed an online auction through the Offr platform, which is incorporated onto the company’s website; www.kirraneauctioneering.com giving clients accessibility to carry out business “safely and conveniently”.

Caroline explained: “Since Covid-19 happened, our business strengthened. We went online so we can offer a national service.”

“In addition, which we have a licence to trade in Ireland, Kevin Kirrane Managing Partner, is also an associate of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), so we can offer our services to American clients also.”


For the future, APP Kirrane Auctioneering plan to expand their business in the Galway office.

Kevin Kirrane adds to this by depicting the plans by stating, “We have recently taken on several block managements.”

“These projects look after many mixed commercial and residential units in the west of Ireland. We plan to develop this side of the business further in 2022 – 2023.”

Having overcome some of the most difficult challenges in the industry, APP Kirrane Auctioneering has a “long-standing career of excelling and exceeding” expectations and achievements in the property sector.

The firm believes it is APP “ready to tackle anything”. The team “look forward” to the growth and development of the business in the coming years.

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