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Another consignment of factory-fit steers and bulls to set sail next week

Emerald Isle Beef Producers (EIBP) has confirmed that the “payment delay issue” that arose with the last consignment of cattle to Algeria “has been sorted and all farmers have been paid”.

The beef producer organisation (PO) said it was responsible for providing more than 600 cattle for the order, as reported by us here.

The consignment was compiled in conjunction with Roundwood Livestock Limited, which has secured a contract with the Algerian government to supply 12,000 live bulls and steers.

Next consignment

EIBP is now collecting cattle for the boat to Algeria which is due to set sail next week. Factory-fit continental, Hereford and Angus bulls and steers under 30-months are required.

“We are now entering into the last couple of days for farmers to book cattle on board this boat.” a spokesperson for the PO outlined.

“With a lack of appetite from factories for heavy, factory-fit bulls and steers, this is an opportunity for farmers to maximise the price they can get for these animals.”

“Every farmer that books in cattle will be made aware of the payment terms for the next shipment before any cattle leave the farmyard.”

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