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Dairy-beef: Lynch recommends 3 AA bulls for use later in the season

John Lynch, beef programme manager at Dovea Genetics, has recommended three Aberdeen Angus bulls for use later in dairy farmers’ breeding seasons in 2023.

Kealkil Prime Lad, Kilmacanann Philip and Kealkil Stockman are the three bulls that he suggested based on their ease of calving, short gestation lengths and DBI figures during a recent ‘getting cows in-calf’ breeding webinar, which it held in conjunction with animal health distributors, Interchem.

AA4743 – Kealkil Prime Lad

  • “No 1 DBI sire available” – Lynch on current ICBF Active Dairy Beef Bull List
  • DBI value of €180;
  • 280 days gestation;
  • 22kg carcass weight;
  • “Extremely” easy calving – Lunch;
  • “Ideal choice” for maiden dairy heifers.

AA5217 – Kilmacanann Philip

  • Short gestation at 279 days;
  • “Perfect” bull for late-calving cows – Lynch;
  • “Great, thick, early-maturing” calves;
  • No 1 Angus sire in Holland on calving ease;
  • Just 3% CD on dairy cows.

AA7188 – Kealkil Stockman

  • Newly proven, easy-calving Angus sire;
  • “Super quality” calves;
  • Short gestation at 279 days;
  • Just 3% CD on dairy cows.

This article follows our first article on Lynch recommends 10 dairy-beef sires for early-in-season use, which you can read via this link.

See a link to Dovea Genetics’ dairy-beef catalogue.

The virtual information session focused on how to optimise fertility with sexed semen, how to manage cows, synchronisation (research and protocols) and dairy and dairy-beef sires for the 2023 breeding season and featured a range of speakers, including Dr. Federico Randi DVM & PhD – International Technical Manager, Ruminants Corporate Marketing, CEVA Santé Animale, Dr. Lauren Popiolek DVM, BSA – Interchem’s Veterinary Technical Advisor, Dovea Genetics’ dairy programme manager, Niall Duffy, and Dovea Genetics’ beef programme manager, John Lynch.

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