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Anger in UK as Irish beef dominates supermarket shelves

The NFU has reacted to reports that prime beef stocks in some retailers, such as Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Tesco, are being “dominated” by Irish products.

The farm organisation stated that it is inexcusable to see some of the UK’s biggest retailers failing to honour their commitment to sourcing British beef, especially at a time when British prime cuts are in plentiful supply and in desperate need of a market.


NFU president, Minette Batters, said: “The sudden closure of restaurants due to coronavirus and the wider impact on the foodservice sector, has meant prime cuts of British beef are being held in storage with nowhere to go.”

“As these cuts are the highest quality and most valuable, farmers depend on these being sold.

“At a time when retailers should be supporting British farmers more than ever and promoting these quality cuts of British beef, it is indefensible that customers, who want to support British farmers by buying British food, are only finding Irish cuts on shelves in some stores.”

She that Sainsbury’s has a policy that it will source 75% British beef, adding that there should be reason whatsoever that this policy should not be demonstrated in all their stores.

“This week is about celebrating and promoting the incredible beef we have here in Britain. This is not what we are seeing from some of our retailers and both farmers and the public are demanding to know why.”

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