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Agronomists earn €27/hour – why you should consider this career

Studying as an agronomist in 2022 – why is it so promising?

In this article, Helen Birk looks at studying as an agronomist.

Agronomy is the backbone of food production in an economy. Agronomists advise the government, decision-makers, and farmers about agriculture.

Failure to have successful agronomists may lead to a lack of livestock and crops to sustain the nation.

Studying agronomy is becoming increasingly popular owing to the many opportunities available.

The best way to learn about crops and livestock production is taking agronomy courses. Read on to learn more about the discipline and why it is so promising.

What is an agronomist?

As an agronomist, your role will be to look after the well-being of crops. You will deal with the issues of medicine and biofuel used in food production.

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Another role is to conduct experiments whose results can be used to create ideal farming practices. So, to become a successful agronomist, you need to acquire the right skills in college.

Studying as an agronomist is a complicated process that requires more effort and time. Students get overwhelmed with studies and so many homework assignments.

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What skills should an agronomist have?

To become a successful agronomist, you need to possess specific skills. One of the skills is the ability to research effectively and carry out experiments in the lab.

You must also pay attention to detail and think critically. Observation and the ability to draw conclusions after data analysis is also essential.

Time management and good communication are also necessary skills to becoming successful in this field. You must be effective in solving problems and have confidence when working with computers.

It is also important to have the capacity to communicate and implement solutions to problems.

Such guidance will help the authorities to make decisions regarding food production. The idea is to be insightful and practical to make a difference in society.

Agronomy jobs

Choosing to become an agronomist comes with many job opportunities. You can do research-based jobs and crop management.

Research is not necessarily part of the job roles of an agronomist. However, you can specialise and work in the field of research.

This will entail researching various issues such as crop productivity, genetic crop production, and conservation.

You can choose to work only in the field of crop management. This involves advising and helping farmers with crop planting and then harvesting the produce. Your focus is on developing efficient farming practices and getting value for time and money.

Another job you can do as an agronomist is in the area of soil conservation. This role requires additional skills such as engineering and scientific background.

The job is about soil quality conservation and preventing soil erosion. In this case, you will spend more time in the fields and the office. To expand further, you can also take the route of sustainable development.

Career routes

The agronomist salary differs depending on the career path. According to the ERI, in Ireland, the average pay for an agronomist is €56,357, at €27/hour.

However, salaries generally range from €39,506-€68,474, and there are bonuses of up to €1,100 in many cases.

The working hours may vary depending on the climate and the season. As a specialist agronomist, you will earn more than a general practitioner. There are many openings in the agronomy career with different entry levels.

Having reviewed job postings in this field, generally, you are required to have a third-level degree in agriculture/agricultural science.

You can work in an ecosystem rehabilitation or a traditional agricultural setting. Your role, in either case, will be to enhance and preserve biodiversity.

Another prospective area is in plant and animal analysis and certification. You can offer assistance and consultancy in agricultural products.

The career opportunities are diverse in this industry; it depends on your interests and capabilities. Start with entry jobs and see the areas of specialisation to explore in the future.


Studying to become an agronomist in 2022 is so promising. All you need is the right skills and knowledge and an understanding of the role of an agronomist.

Find help from professionals and be ready to build your career. Take action today and explore the various job opportunities available.

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