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5 of the most popular agri-influencers on TikTok

Popular agri-influencers on TikTok

In 2022, more and more people are finding success through vlogging – the activity of uploading short videos to social media on a regular basis.

While some of the top content creators are video game streamers and glamorous lifestylers, there are plenty of people finding success through uploading farming and agriculture content.

As part of their Vloggers’ Success Files campaign, Business Name Generator has exclusively shared the names of five of the most popular agri-influencers on TikTok, with That’s Farming.

With vloggers from Ireland and the USA making the cut, these agri-influencers are truly making farming fashionable again!

Farming accounts 

  1. LeeAnna Thomas – 2.9m TikTok followers

LeeAnna Thomas’ cow-heavy content has proven popular on TikTok, with the agri-influencer racking up 2.9m followers plus 75.5m likes on the social media platform.

As well as sharing lots of cute cow videos, LeeAnna’s TikTok profile also gives tips on how to care for your cows properly.

  1. Agrotonomy – 1.3m TikTok followers

A must-follow account for anybody with an interest in farming and agriculture that has already built 1.3m followers and 9.6m likes on TikTok.

Agrotonomy sells tower gardens and tower farms internationally, and their TikTok videos shares how they make their vertical gardens and the environmental benefits that they have to offer.

  1. Farmerya – 638.9k TikTok followers

With 638.9k followers and 7.8m likes on TikTok, Farmerya’s videos show farming fans how to work with a wide range of plants and vegetables, including bamboo, cactus and dragonfruit.

Farmerya’s educational videos also demonstrate the correct way to use farming tools such as sickles and garden hoes.

  1. Fiona Bergin – 375.3k TikTok followers

The Irish actress who lives on a farm, Fiona Bergin, is hugely popular on TikTok with 375.3k followers and 11m likes.

Fiona’s humorous content shares her two loves, farming and acting, giving fans a taste of her busy and exciting lifestyle.

  1. The Kerry Cowboy – 186.9k TikTok followers

The Irish dairy farmer, Séaghan Ó Súilleabháin, offers expert advice on how to properly take care of farm animals – particularly useful during the winter months.

With cows, sheep, horses and, of course – a sheepdog all on Séaghan’s farm, his TikTok content is as cute as it is educational. As such, his TikTok profile has gained 186.9k followers and 5.8m likes.

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