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#FeedingTheFrontline campaign launched

#FeedingTheFrontline is a new social media campaign by Agri Aware to highlight to the public the important work Irish farmers and food producers are doing to produce safe and sustainable food, every day of the week.

Agri Aware has said this task is more important than ever in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Irish agri-food educational body will showcase videos on its social media of Irish farmers and food producers from a range of sectors over the coming weeks.

The farmers will get the chance to explain to consumers the important work they are doing on their farm in order to meet consumer demand and ensure the supply chain is not disrupted.

They will also explain the health and safety measures they are taking on their farm to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Speaking about the new campaign, Agri Aware executive director, Marcus O’Halloran, said: “It is important that consumers are aware now more than ever that farmers across the country are producing meat, dairy, cereals, fruit and vegetables every day on their farm that fill the shelves of Irish supermarket and independent stores every day of the week.

“In light of the growing threat of Covid-19, farmers’ role as the backbone of the food supply chain in producing a continuous supply of food for consumers, both at home and abroad, need to be acknowledged and valued.”

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To learn about the work Ireland’s #FeedingtheFrontline farmers are doing each day, visit @agriaware on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or check out their YouTube channel.

If any farmers and food producers would like to get involved in #FeedingtheFrontline, you can email your interest to – [email protected].

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