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Entertainment: 6 of Adele’s most popular music videos

Adele has reportedly ‘secretly recorded’ a brand-new album and is preparing to release it in just a matter of weeks.

Back in 2021, the global superstar returned after a six-year hiatus with her long-awaited album 30, which featured major singles such as Easy On Me.

If fans are graced with a rumoured new album this year, it would come less than two years after 30. This is rather than the six-year gap fans had to endure between her last two albums.

With talk of a new Adele album on the horizon, the team at Betway has taken a look back at some of the North London singer’s most popular music videos throughout the years to analyse how the star’s wardrobe has evolved throughout the years.

From fantastic floral flocks to sophisticated suede suit jackets, these stunning looks will certainly have Adele fans up and down the country shouting ‘Oh My God’.

Rolling In The Deep (2010)

The hit turned Adele into a global superstar and fashion icon in one swift moment.

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For the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ video, Adele gave us a cute combination of sequin-tinged and darkest green dress with black high heels and black tights to match.

Someone Like You (2011)

One of Adele’s most popular songs is also one of her saddest. The hauntingly beautiful lyrics of ‘Someone Like You’ are reflected in this black and white music video and Adele’s dark, muted black winter coat.

But even in times of sadness, Adele finds a way to add some style with this coat’s collection of diagonally drawn zips and chunky belt buckles.

When We Were Young (2015)

Adele looked super sophisticated as she took to the studio for a live video performance of the second single from her third album, ‘25’.

This stunning suede suit jacket is complimented with gorgeous gold cufflinks, and pairs perfectly with her cool and casual black vest top.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (2015)

Adele truly sent us her love with this fabulous floral dress that is bursting with so many colours, from soft pinks and vibrant greens to blooming reds and creamy whites.

This delicate dress was reflective of a new era for Adele, as her songs began to take a rosier outlook too.

Easy On Me (2021)

Go easy on us, Adele! The singer’s radiant red colour scheme all started on the first single from her latest album ‘30’.

There are so many tremendous tones of red here and nothing in the shot can resist Adele’s red touch.

Even the curtains are matching Adele’s ruby red turtleneck, soft rouge lipstick and dark burgundy jacket.

Oh My God (2021)

One of Adele’s latest music videos got everyone talking. Her ravishing red dress is paired perfectly with an elegant silver necklace and wet-look hairstyle.

There’s even a rosy-red apple and luscious dark-red lipstick to complete this astonishing aesthetic.

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