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What to expect on a typical day in the bog

A person’s true character will always shine through after a day in the bog, after enduring the greatest test of them all.

Tough and relentless physical labour can be expected, some may call it cruelty, but it can often provide a sense of achievement as well as chronic long-lasting back pains.

If you have never been before, here are some things to expect on a day in the bog.

  • Sunburn, even on a rainy day;
  • Secretly racing the others involved to prove your dominance;
  • Getting eaten alive by midgets is definitely a highlight;
  • Getting abused for slacking off;
  • Eating your lunch in a tractor cab;
  • If you’re unlucky enough to forget to wear gloves, do not expect to have full use of your hands ever again;
  • A feeling of despair when you think you have achieved a lot, but look up to see you have only covered about 10 yards;
  • Dust in your every possible crevasse of your body.
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