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23 beef grading machines inspected this year

To date in 2020, 23 beef grading machines were inspected during 204 inspections, according to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Dara Calleary.

The Minister made the statement in response to a parliamentary question raised by independent TD, Denis Naughton.

During these inspections, the minister added, accuracy was above 90% on 169 occasions for conformation and fat.

“Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1184 of 20 April 2017 governs the monitoring of carcass classification, carcass presentation and weighing.”

He said the legal tolerances for authorisation of a mechanical classification system are set out in that legislation.”

“The figure quoted of 60% is the minimum accuracy figure for conformation and fat cover that must be achieved for a mechanical classification system to be authorised for use in any EU state.”

“The average performance for conformation in Ireland in 2019 was 93.3% and 95.1% for fat cover. To date in 2020, average performance for conformation is 93.2% and 95.6% for fat cover.”

2019 inspections

In 2019, 23 machines were inspected during 410 inspections.

During these inspections, the accuracy was greater than 90% on 326 occasions for both conformation and fat, he added.  

“The deputy should be aware that these accuracy figures include over-scores as well as under-scores when compared to manual grading.” Minister Calleary added.

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