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11 things you should know when dating a farmer

Ulster Farmers’ Union has listed a number of things that farmers look out for in a potential partner, or possibly some information you should know when dating a farmer!

  • Standing in the gap when moving livestock and not falling out with the in-laws;
  • Going on a ‘break’ over the harvest/silage period is essential;
  • Date night consists of viewing Rare Breed, Farm FLiX, the weather forecast or CCTV footage of the maternity ward;
  • Meals in the local livestock market or in the cab of the tractor;
  • A unique smelling ‘perfume’;
  • They are never on time – especially when it’s lambing/calving time or the slurry ban is lifted;
  • Understand all the farmer lingo and acronyms;
  • Under every field ‘name’ and back road – “The top field down the side road at Jimmy’s”
  • Learn the codes: “The one with the….” Or “the biggest one…”
  • Being telepathic is handy;
  • Become an expert in keeping farm records.
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